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We are a mother and daughter duo that wants to provide ethically and responsibly sourced materials and tools for spiritual and artistic practices. 

B Charmed started as a pipe dream for Becca when she began to embrace her path and dive deeper into the craft. She wanted a safe hub for herself and others to be able to express their beliefs and get the materials they needed without judgement or ridicule. Growing up in a small southern town there weren’t stores in her area or outlets to be able to share and learn. Thus, came the vision of a shop to be a safe zone for all belief systems and paths. Being a spiritually open eclectic witch and pagan (spiritual path rooted in nature and nature lover), she personally knows how it feels to have a big part of yourself not accepted and harshly judged. 

Sunnie, Becca’s open and supportive mom, has always encouraged her daughters to follow their own ways. Sunnie considers herself a Christian who is spiritually open. Her own personal experiences on her journey have shown her the many things that the universe has to offer. Sunnie has been a decorative Creative for many years. She brings her own interpretation of soulful art into B Charmed. She loves light, dogs, and people. 

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